Bilglassgruppen AS is owned by Andr. L. Riis AS, a privately owned company based in Trondheim, Norway. The core business of Andr.L.Riis is repair and replacement of automotive glass since the 1980`s. The mother company also owns 50% of the fitting stations in Riis Bilglass – the Norwegian market leader in glass repair and replacement. The corporation has 250 employees.

Bilglassgruppen AS is the leading Norwegian wholesaler of windshields and side/back lights with a market share of 45 %. We are now by far the largest supplier in Norway.

In addition we bring to market an extensive range of supplementary products for the professional glass repair and replacement shops. Bilglassgruppen also specialize in windscreens for bus, coach and motorhomes.

The company is located throughout the country, with five distribution warehouses which delivers windscreens to 1200 customers.

Bilglassgruppen AS main office is located in modern facilities designed for automotive glass in Oslo, 30 kilometers south of Gardermoen Airport.

For further information please use the general enquiry form on this page or call our customer service center (+47) 63 84 70 70.

Contact persons:

General Manager Rune Sandve (+47) 95 91 84 14
Purchase manager Arve Christian Holst (+47) 91 91 63 16